Research & Resources

The CRVA believes that research is the foundation for effective decision-making and has invested in numerous resources that help guide its strategic direction. In an effort to continuously remain open and transparent with stakeholders, below is a number of documents that drive the way we do business and how we work on behalf of the Charlotte community.

CRVA Strategic Plan Map

Since Fiscal Year 2015, the CRVA has followed a strategic planning process to support our organization’s mission and vision, align our focus, and provide measurable targets to gauge performance and growth. The CRVA’s Strategic Plans guide the organization in five-year increments. Built on a foundation of data-driven decision-making, an employee first culture, a commitment to exceptional customer experiences and enhancing Charlotte’s quality of life, the CRVA has set ambitious, forward-looking goal for the next five years with its new Strategic Plan.

CRVA Annual Report

The annual report is a brief snapshot of the CRVA’s collective progress and successes that’s captured at the end of the fiscal year (CRVA’s fiscal year ends June 30).

Additional Resources

See below for other helpful resources that communicate the value of the visitor economy and its impact on Charlotte.