Amplifying Event Exposure

Grant Program

Events of all kinds enrich the region, adding to the culture, quality of life and character that make the Queen City such an attractive destination. To help maximize exposure for these events, the CRVA offers in-kind marketing and communications support through its Special Events & Projects Grant Program.

Mission & Purpose

The CRVA Special Events & Projects Grant Program provides marketing and communications assistance to organizations in the development of special events and/or projects which have the potential to attract visitors for overnight stays to Charlotte-Mecklenburg, promote the Charlotte region’s appeal as a visitor or convention destination, have a documented impact on Mecklenburg County’s hotel/motel room occupancy, or are anticipated to enhance the local economy through increased visitor or convention activity. The primary purpose of this program is to stimulate and assist qualified organizations, associations and agencies in the enhancement, promotion and marketing of tourism and related events.

What We Support

The CRVA seeks to partner with events that promote and provide exposure to the Charlotte region, elevating Charlotte’s appeal as a visitor and convention destination. Applicants are asked to document the positive impact on hotel/motel occupancy and tax generation within Mecklenburg County, the extent to which the event is anticipated to enhance the local economy through increased visitor and/or convention activity, potential for future growth and how the event provides an overall benefit to the community.

Grant Application

To apply for the grant program, download the application below and email it to To ensure the CRVA maximizes exposure for events, support to approved applications is awarded in the form of a robust marketing and communications program. As advocates for the destination, the CRVA is in a unique position to generate extensive exposure for events. Once an application is approved, the team will collaborate to outline the services the CRVA can provide to complement your outreach strategy.

Download Grant Application