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Leisure Travel

The Queen City is increasingly becoming a must-experience destination topping travel lists and racking up quality of life accolades.

To inspire these trips, the CRVA is actively promoting the destination through data-driven marketing efforts that enhance perception of the city and ensure it tops travel planning lists. While Charlotte may be known for its business-friendly climate, it’s the ‘a lot’ to experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Leisure Travel Reigns Supreme

Leisure travel is a critical component of Charlotte’s overall economy. Visitors who come to the region are spending more money in Mecklenburg County than any other tourism-centric destination in the Carolinas, including Raleigh, Asheville, Charleston and Myrtle Beach. And it’s no wonder why. Centrally located in the Southeast, visitors are drawn in by attractions such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the U.S. National Whitewater Center and Carowinds as well as cultural destinations such as the Levine Center for the Arts and Discovery Place and many other must-see landmarks. Combine these captivating destination assets with a thriving craft beer scene, acclaimed culinary community and a multitude of retail options and there’s no shortage of memorable experiences to make Charlotte the most visited city in the state.

About Our Visitors

Nearly 30 million visitors travel to Charlotte annually with 86 percent coming to town for leisure purposes. A strong motivator for those trips is to visit friends and relatives as indicated by more than half of visitors. The CRVA recognizes that residents are powerful advocates for the destination and strives to create content and resources that ensure visitors have positive destination experiences. Special events taking place in Charlotte, stopping over during a bigger trip, specific attractions and the culinary scene rank as other high travel motivators. Primary party sizes are comprised of 2.84 people, or predominately adult parties, staying an average of three nights per trip.

The CRVA carefully analyzes this visitor profile data as well as other comprehensive research sources to shape marketing plans that best connect with visitors based on how they consume media, how they plan trips and overall traveler sentiment.

Travel Trade

Leisure travel extends to another significant market segment called travel trade, which utilizes intermediaries such as tour operators, wholesalers and other related companies for domestic and international travel planning and booking purposes. The CRVA recognizes the importance of showcasing Charlotte to these audiences as they serve as trusted gatekeepers for travelers through their strong relationships. By developing wide-ranging itineraries, hosting familiarization tours, attending appointment-based tradeshows and leading tourism partner education courses that showcase why Charlotte is a fit for group and international travel, the CRVA is building further momentum within this market segment. Learn more about CRVA’s travel trade efforts.

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