Planning for the Future


The CRVA’s five-year Strategic Plan for FY2019-23 builds on the momentum and success of its previous iteration, which guided the organization to achieve significant gains for the hospitality industry and the city, to the benefit of local businesses and residents alike.

A Balanced Approach

The multi-faceted aspects of our industry, coupled with the dynamic growth of Charlotte, challenges the CRVA to maintain a strategic focus that is equally aspirational, competitive, data-driven and disciplined. The plan reflects collective priorities balanced across four key areas related to customers, financial objectives, running the business and people and culture.

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Delivering Memorable Customer Experiences

One of the ways the CRVA seeks to grow the visitor economy is by delivering memorable customer experiences across its many venues and brands. Rooted in this strategy is an understanding that creating an emotional connection to Charlotte raises the region's profile, capturing more business and driving visitation. The CRVA strives to create lifelong brand advocates and become synonymous with positive perceptions of Charlotte as a travel destination.

Maximizing Financial Resources

The CRVA prioritizes people, money and time to enhance the positive impact on the customer experience, the ability to generate revenue and the overall economic benefits of the visitor economy. Using research-driven sales and marketing efforts, the organization pursues new opportunities that have potential to expand the CRVA's financial capacity and support its mission. Partnerships with key stakeholders maximize the ability to effectively utilize hospitality tax funds as a way to support a vibrant visitor economy, the Charlotte community and its residents.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

The CRVA serves the hospitality industry through exceptional sales and marketing that elevates the perception of Charlotte and draws visitors and groups to the region. Leveraging business intelligence and information sharing across departments helps support sound decision-making that achieves positive results. The CRVA continuously advocates the value of the visitor economy to stakeholders as a way to advance the hospitality industry's growth, maintain a competitive advantage and ensure the future of tourism-related businesses and their employees, as they are the ones who ultimately deliver on Charlotte's brand promise.

Achieving Success

By maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment, employees are empowered and inspired to work toward pursuing the greater good for the CRVA and for the Charlotte region. With an authentic employee-first culture, the CRVA understands that the unique contributions of our team members, fueled by their continued growth and development as leaders, is what will allow the organization to become what it strives to be.

Our Mission

Embracing an inclusive, employee first culture, the CRVA is the trusted leader of Charlotte's visitor economy which elevates community prosperity through destination-defining infrastructure, impactful branding and job growth.

Our Vision

Charlotte will be recognized as the most sought after city in the Southeast, known for its undeniable energy, passionate people and captivating experiences.

Our Core Values

CRVA employees are passionate about the community they serve. To reinforce a culture that reflects this passion, the organization developed Core Values that embody what working at the CRVA is all about.

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