Destination branding has long been a top priority for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA), not only to leverage Charlotte as a place to live, work, visit or play but also to create economic opportunity and vitality for the city. In 2008, ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ was created as a way to showcase the “a lot” Charlotte has to offer. After all, our region has never been known for just one thing. But as the city has come into its own as a thriving metropolitan city that put its name on the top of many national lists, there wasn’t a need to explain the “a lot” we have to offer anymore. That made way for ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ to evolve into an updated “Charlotte” place brand that will work to achieve a higher connectivity among several audiences – not just visitors.

Importance of Branding

Branding has proven to be a sound investment and contributor to visitor spending that is reinvested into the city and enhances quality of life. For every dollar of consumer-facing paid media the CRVA spends to promote Charlotte as a destination, $115 in new spending is generated by visitors in return. And for every dollar of paid media spent out-of-market, the city produces $6 in tax collections.

Furthermore, the CRVA recognizes the halo effect that place branding efforts create, which generate positive perceptions related not only to tourism but economic development as well. The CRVA’s advertising research has shown that work in paid and earned media has previously enhanced perceptions by nearly 100 percent related to Charlotte being an ideal place to live, retire, start a business and build a career.

Place Branding

Place branding is geared at communicating an image or a reputation that creates a sense of pride among all of the audiences Charlotte is looking to connect with, not just visitors alone. It pulls together a number of stakeholder groups, including residents, businesses and talent prospects, to speak with one voice while working to create a deeper connection, sharper recognition and elevated perception of the city.

Charlotte’s brand is meant to be owned and adopted by the visitors, residents and businesses who love and advocate for this city. Place branding is an industry best practice and can be seen among cities and states speaking with one voice across economic development and tourism marketing.

For more information, we've provided a list of frequently asked questions.

Becoming Brand Ambassadors

You can read more about the brand in our Brand Guidelines.

We’re currently developing a program for partners to utilize the brand mark. Stay tuned for details.

This place brand will have many creative extensions across paid, earned, owned and shared media. Here’s a sample of what you could see.