Our People

At the CRVA, we believe that our employees come first. Our philosophy is that by investing in employees and creating an atmosphere that fosters strong engagement, employees will in turn devote their energies into their work and deliver a higher level of customer service, quality and commitment to CRVA brands. This focus on the employee also extends to the way they’re managed and encouraged to carry out their jobs each and every day. The CRVA has embraced the management style of distributed leadership, where employees are empowered by their managers to pursue opportunities to lead, learn new responsibilities and make decisions that impact the greater good of the CRVA. Distributed leadership extends to every level of the CRVA – every link in the leadership chain is encouraged to adopt this ideal and pass it on to their own employees. Open lines of communication are critical to distributed leadership and require managers and employees to regularly communicate and establish critical interpersonal relationships that strengthen over time. Learn more about the people in our organization who are invested in our vision to create jobs and opportunities for our community.


Eliza Russell 

Education Manager, NASCAR Hall of Fame

What do you enjoy most about working at the CRVA?

The CRVA is a collaborative working environment where individuals are willing to step beyond building and position boundaries and dare to dream about their impact for the organization as a whole.  Value is placed on the individual and the collective for making a difference and inspiring change. 

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

The ability to look for innovative solutions that can change and improve the reputation of the CRVA, NASCAR Hall of Fame and its education program as a primary learning asset for our community. Also, providing vision and engagement to new generations of students looking for opportunities beyond the classroom. 

How have you been able to use your talents in your role at the CRVA?

Having had the experience to serve as an education leader at national, state and local levels, I have been able to capitalize on over 25 years of experience to build and enhance the learning environment for the NASCAR Hall of Fame and CRVA, as well as build community partners to cross-pollinate the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s role as an educational asset.

What would you tell someone who is exploring CRVA job opportunities?

The CRVA is a diverse and employee-focused company that gives opportunities for career development and celebrates the unique talents and skills that each person contributes at all levels. The CRVA is not bound by limitations, and provides opportunities to explore and develop your career pathway. 

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