Our People

At the CRVA, we believe that our employees come first. Our philosophy is that by investing in employees and creating an atmosphere that fosters strong engagement, employees will in turn devote their energies into their work and deliver a higher level of customer service, quality and commitment to CRVA brands. This focus on the employee also extends to the way they’re managed and encouraged to carry out their jobs each and every day. The CRVA has embraced the management style of distributed leadership, where employees are empowered by their managers to pursue opportunities to lead, learn new responsibilities and make decisions that impact the greater good of the CRVA. Distributed leadership extends to every level of the CRVA – every link in the leadership chain is encouraged to adopt this ideal and pass it on to their own employees. Open lines of communication are critical to distributed leadership and require managers and employees to regularly communicate and establish critical interpersonal relationships that strengthen over time. Learn more about the people in our organization who are invested in our vision to create jobs and opportunities for our community.


Jan Morris

Marketing Project Manager, CRVA

What do you enjoy most about working at the CRVA?

 I’m always learning something new. The CRVA is invested in my growth and there are opportunities every day to advance my skill set and expose myself to areas outside of my day-to-day duties in the Marketing & Communications department.


What does “One CRVA” mean to you?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While the CRVA is comprised by many different brands, venues and departments, we are all working together as one company to bring value to the City of Charlotte.


What would you tell someone who was exploring job opportunities at the CRVA?

 If you’re looking for an opportunity to plug in and grow, this is the place for you. You will be hard pressed to find a company that cares more about their employees, and that’s something hard to come by in my opinion. 

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