CLT Trail Guide

The highly interactive CLT Trail Guide platform offers curated outdoor adventures through diverse locations across the Queen City, with food, drink and shopping recommendations along the way.

In Fall 2020 the CRVA unveiled an interactive trail platform that highlights area walking, running and biking trails with local businesses, art installations and more along the way. The “CLT Trail Guide” platform is highly interactive and maps points that follow a user’s journey throughout their online exploration within the guide. The trails can also be texted to a phone for Google Maps access when on the go.

The Charlotte region features 52 miles of developed greenway trails. The CRVA wanted to tap into that network in a dynamic way that brings both local residents and visitors on more than just a nice walk, but rather on a journey, incorporating the unique elements that make the Queen City such an attractive destination. The CLT Trail Guide brings the user experience to life by tying outdoor adventure to exceptional culinary experiences, craft beer recommendations, boutique shopping opportunities and views of Charlotte’s vivid murals and breathtaking skyline.

Initially, the platform debuted with six trails, highlighting unique experiences and diverse locations throughout the area. These include a scenic trek through the heart of the Queen City boasting spectacular views of the Uptown skyline, an outdoor adventure through the U.S. National Whitewater Center, and the award-winning trail through South End featuring some of the city’s best dining, shopping and public art.

The first addition to the initial selection of trails brought a new, unique experience — a beer crawl. The NoDa Craft Beer Trail brings users through one of the city’s most colorful neighborhoods where an overflowing supply of craft breweries and award-winning local brews abound. There's more than just beer on this trek, as with the other trails users will encounter plenty of food and sights to take in between drinks as they explore the eclectic, artsy community.

The visually dynamic mapping feature that was developed for the guide can also be applied for other uses in helping visitors and residents navigate the Queen City, such as public art walks, parade routes and more. And the CLT Trail Guide was strategically designed to grow over time, adding new trails that encompass even more regional greenway and pedestrian-friendly areas.

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